Best Percussion Massager Gun for Athletes (in 2022)

Working out keeps you in excellent shape and improves your mood. But muscle strain is common, especially if you’ve been working out really hard. Finding a good massager is a potent way to help you get rid of the pain and live comfortably.

The best percussion massager gun for athletes leaves your muscles relaxed after an extensive workout session. This innocent-looking tool is extremely popular nowadays because you can hold it, target it towards any area in your body, and you’ll immediately feel the improvement.

In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the top percussion massager guns on the market. We’ll also explain everything you need to know about percussion massagers so you can buy the right one for you.

In a Hurry? Here’s our Top Pick!

Best Percussion Massager Gun for Athletes Reviews

These guns can help you avoid painful muscle injuries that take a long time to resolve. They will help you stay in shape even if you feel that your muscles are overly exhausted by promoting faster healing. Here are our top picks.

The TheraGun massager is a well-made and reliable option that comes with a hefty price tag. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best options on the market as it delivers up to 40 percussions per second for a potent massage session that you can enjoy any time of the day and at the comfort of your house.

Product Highlights

This powerful massager applies 60 pounds of pressure, enough to relieve pain and alleviate muscle tension. It comes with five-speed options, plus customizable speed range between 1,750 and 2,400 percussions per second for a potent deep tissue massage; that’s a maximum of 2400 strokes per minute. It only weighs 2.9 pounds so it’s easy to hold and maneuver.

You can hold the handle comfortably thanks to its ergonomic design that doesn’t strain your hand as you try to reach different spots. Moreover, the motor is quieter than other models so you can enjoy your relaxing massage session to the maximum. However, it tends to get a little loud at maximum speed.

It comes with 6 compatible attachments to target all the hard-to-reach areas in your body, including your neck and back. The battery lasts for up to 150 minutes (the time reduces when using it at higher speeds), which is more than enough to run a relaxing massaging session for the best therapeutic benefits. It’s easy to take your massager wherever you go because it comes with a premium travel case.

What we like about the Theragun PRO

It’s designed to be held at multiple directions so you can target all the sore areas in your body thanks to the 4 adjustable angles. This model comes with 2 swappable batteries so you can extend your massage session as much as you need to.

What we don’t like about the Theragun PRO

With repeated use, the batteries will start to last shorter which is a bit disappointing given the price of this model. This tool also gets hot after using it for a long period.

At the time of writing this review, there are over 1,800 reviews on Amazon, with majority of them being positive – click here to read them.

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  • Lightweight massager with 5 speed range plus customizable speed
  • Ergonomic handle that feels comfortable to hold
  • 2 swappable batteries
  • 6 compatible attachment heads
  • Powerful
  • Pricey
  • The attachments could be better quality for the price

You can enjoy a relaxing deep tissue massage session using this massage device from Hypervolt. It’s quieter than most other models on the market so you can experience the ultimate relaxing experience.

Product Highlights

Don’t worry about your tool running out of power during your massage session. This tool comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last up to 3 hours on a single charge. The speed setting can be adjusted to reach a maximum of 3200 percussions per minute so it’s more versatile than other models that might cost more.

Thanks to Quiet-Glide technology, you’ll enjoy the best performance. It’s been developed by aerospace engineers to combine high-quality performance with power without being too noisy.

It’s easy to hold as it weighs 2.5 pounds. You can hold it to target different parts of your body, although it’s not as ergonomic as other models on the list. You’ll receive 5 attachment heads that you can use to target different muscle groups.

What we like about the Hypervolt Massage Device

This is a reliable percussion massage device that operates quietly and lasts for a long time. There are three-speed levels that can be adjusted up to 3200 percussions per minute. Using the 5 attachment heads, you’ll be able to target all the muscle groups in your body to alleviate pain.

What we don’t like about the Hypervolt Massage Device

Although there’s an indicator that shows the speed, it’s not always accurate. For more convenient storage, you’ll need to buy a carry case.

At the time of writing this review, there are over 2,200 reviews on Amazon, with majority of them being positive – click here to read them.

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  • Reliable tool with quiet operation
  • 5 interchangeable heads
  • Three-speed settings reaching a maximum of 3200 percussions per minute
  • Battery lasts for long
  • Doesn’t come with a carry case

If you’re looking for a potent remedy for chronic pain, then you need to check out this power massager from TimTam. It helps release the painful knots and lactic acid buildup that causes soreness and discomfort.

Product Highlights

5 minutes are enough to relieve pain using this percussion massager as it can deliver up to 2500 strokes per minute. This is equivalent to spending 30 minutes using a foam roller or any other tool so it will save your time and help you get rid of pain faster.

Unlike other massage tools, you don’t have to apply manual pressure as the strokes reach the deep tissues effortlessly. The results are faster and more effective.

This is a lightweight percussion massager that weighs 2.2 pounds so it’s easy to carry and maneuver. It’s made of antimicrobial plastic to guarantee maximum safety. With regular use, you can sense a 2% to 5% improvement in your performance and stamina. It comes with a carry case for easy transport.

Lots of professional athletes love this percussion massager because it’s practical and easy to use. However, it’s quite straightforward to use even if you’re not a professional thanks to the one-button operation. You can target different muscles of the shoulders, arms, back, and hips thanks to its ergonomic design. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for about 40 minutes.

What we like about the TimTam Power Massager

This is a one-touch trigger tool that can deliver powerful strokes to relieve pain. It features a 90-degree articulating head with 26 mm stroke length to help release lactic acid buildup to relieve pain.

What we don’t like about the TimTam Power Massager

It’s slightly less expensive than the TheraGun tool but you’ll have to buy the replacement tips separately. Moreover, this percussion massager is louder than other models on the market.

At the time of writing this review, there are almost 800 reviews on Amazon, with majority of them being positive – click here to read them.

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  • Ergonomic design to reach all muscles
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • One-trigger operation
  • Durable
  • Can be loud

The TaoTronics massage gun is powered by a 24-watt high torque motor, which produces a whopping 1400 to 3200 strokes per minute for deep tissue massage as deep as 12 mm.

What we like about the TaoTronics Massage Gun

This high stroke per minute rating helps increase blood flow, and provides relief from stiff muscles, and post workout muscles. It offers 10 adjustable speeds to choose from, so you can start out low, and increase the pulsation accordingly.

Adding to this, this massage gun is a great choice for the entire family, and arrives equipped with six specialty massage heads, which are designed to target specific muscle groups for faster recovery, and are easy to mount on the massager.

It features a really cool and helpful charge glow at the bottom, and is simple and convenient to use with an easy way to increase and decrease strength. The pounding of the massager is pretty intense at the first level, so you’re bound to feel incredible after the first massage.

One thing we like a lot about this massage gun, is that it doesn’t do anything more than whisper, thanks to its onsite brushless motor and high quality bearing, and holds it charge pretty well (10 hours runtime) for a while.

It comes with auto-shutoff, which shuts off the device after 15 minutes of continuous use to prevent overheating. The TaoTronics massage gun is appointed with a clear and crisp LCD display, which indicates speed and battery level with a single glance.

At the time of writing this review, there are over 7,000 reviews on Amazon, with majority of them being positive – click here to read them.

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  • 10 hours runtime
  • 24-watt high torque motor
  • 6 specialty massage heads
  • 10 adjustable speeds
  • May feel a bit heavy when reaching in certain places

Deep tissue massage is possible without breaking the bank, thanks to the Vybe Percussion Massage Gun. The large head targets the knots to knead them and release lactic acid that causes pain and soreness. This is an excellent solution to get rid of chronic pain.

Product Highlights

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still enjoy a high-quality massage session, specifically designed to cater to your needs. This reliable and portable tool can be used to massage different parts of the body so you can get rid of the pain.

The speed can be adjusted up to 6 different levels, with a maximum speed of 2,400 strokes per minute. However, this is not a quiet tool and it gets exceptionally loud when you increase the speed.

Thanks to the one-trigger operation, you’ll be able to move the gun to multiple positions without losing speed. The speed button is conveniently located, allowing for a single-hand operation. Moreover, the 90-degree angle head guarantees that you can target any muscle without twisting your hand in weird positions.

In spite of its lower price, this tool comes with 3 interchangeable heads; the big one for core muscles, the medium one for smaller muscle groups, and the cone-shaped head for deep tissue massage and trigger points. All these parts come in a convenient carry case so you can take your massager wherever you go.

What we like about the Vybe Percussion Massage Gun

This tool charges fast and comes with two interchangeable batteries so you can use your massage gun for a long period.

What we don’t like about the Vybe Percussion Massage Gun

If you’re looking for a quiet massage gun, then this one isn’t for you. At 60-80 decibels, it’s one of the loudest on the list. But the positive thing out of this, is that the company tells you straight up about the machine being powerful, but not quiet. 

At the time of writing this review, there are over 4,500 reviews on Amazon, with majority of them being positive – click here to read them.

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  • Affordable
  • 6 different speeds
  • Comes with 2 batteries
  • One-trigger operation for more control
  • It gets loud

The LifePro Sonic handheld percussion massage gun works effectively to provide relief from stiff and sore muscles. It comes equipped with a robust motor that delivers powerful, high penetration.

What we like about the Sonic Percussion Massage Gun

The LifePro Sonic handheld percussion massager is a great choice for runner, marathoners, as well as desktop people, as it provides highly effective trigger point massages, and a little active release for tight muscles fascia, and connective tissues.

It provides a total of five levels of intensity to choose from including intense 40Hz and powerful 45Hz percussive massages. Further, it is fitted with eight massage heads, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which provides a long three to six hour runtime.

Switching speeds with the LifePro massager is easy with a button located right next to your index finger. Further, it is extremely lightweight, and features a comfortable grip to use easily without strain for longer periods.

At the time of writing this review, there are over 17,700 reviews on Amazon, with majority of them being positive – click here to read them.

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  • Brushless motor results in powerful yet quiet operation
  • 5 levels of intensity
  • Front LED panel
  • 8 massage heads and rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Battery life needs improvement

Best Percussion Massage Gun Buyer’s Guide

What is a Percussion Massager?

This is a hand-held massaging tool that applies pressure to relieve muscle tension. Percussion massagers are perfect for deep tissue massage thanks to the vibrations or strokes that increase the blood flow in the target muscle to get rid of the accumulated lactic acid to promote recovery after an extensive workout session. These tools also help to alleviate chronic pain by kneading the knots and trigger points.

Percussion massagers deliver fast strokes that don’t cause any pain. They do, however, target sore muscles and the surrounding tissue to promote faster recovery in case of inflammation.

These massage tools are different from vibration massagers because they deliver deep strokes that resemble the hand motion of a deep tissue massage therapist. This type of massage promotes faster recovery if the muscle is overworked or strained so it also improves your athletic performance.

Vibration massagers are relaxing but they’re superficial. They don’t apply enough pressure that travels deep into the muscle tissues to target the painful trigger points.

Do Percussion Massagers Work?

Yes, they definitely do. Percussion massagers allow you to enjoy all the health benefits of a professional deep tissue massage in the comfort of your house.

Most percussion massagers come with interchangeable heads that you can change to target different muscle groups in your body. If you suffer from chronic pain or if you’ve recently suffered from a painful injury, you can depend on this portable tool to relieve the discomfort.

By applying fast and deep pressure, the blood flow will increase thus delivering more oxygen to the strained and injured muscles. This will promote faster recovery after a long workout session and help increase your stamina and endurance.

Percussion massaging tools are very popular among professional athletes because they’re very easy to use. They resemble the effects of professional massaging sessions but they can be used whenever and wherever you are.

Are Percussion Massagers Safe?

Percussion massagers are safe and also easy to use. However, they’re not for everyone. It’s always recommended that you ask your doctor before you start using the percussion massager for the first time.

These tools come with adjustable speeds so you can apply the most appropriate pressure and speed. However, the high speed might be too intense, especially if you suffer from a painful injury. You should avoid using the percussion massager in some cases.

  • In the case of lumbar injuries, you should avoid deep tissue massaging. Using the kneading motion at high pressure should be avoided because it can worsen your condition.
  • Deep massage can worsen your case if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases.
  • If you’re on blood-thinning medications, percussion massagers can cause bruising and swelling.
  • Pregnant women should avoid using these percussion massagers unless a doctor approves.

Benefits of Percussion Massager

It’s safe to say that percussion massagers are practical and suitable for almost everyone. Athletes, in particular, find them extremely useful but you can still use them even if you’re not a professional.

They have a wide range of applications and can be used to target almost any part of your body. In most cases, you’ll have to change the attached head so you can target the right muscle group. Here are some of the benefits of using percussion massager.

  • Percussion massagers play an integral part in avoiding injuries. They can be used in warm-up sessions before you start working out whether you’re a professional athlete or an amateur.
  • They will improve the blood flow so muscles are ready for work. They can also help you relax if you’re stressed before an important sports event.
  • It’s quite common to experience cramps after an extensive workout session. Whether you’ve been training hard or had just finished a tiring match, this tool will help you get back in shape.
  • These tools stretch the muscles and connective tissues to relieve muscle soreness. As a result, they reduce the fatigue symptoms that you usually experience after working out for a long time. Using these percussion tools will increase your stamina, endurance, and help you become a better athlete.
  • Because these tools target the deep tissues, they can be used after surgeries to help improve the condition of the internal scar tissue. They can be used to improve the flow of the lymphatic fluid so they relieve swelling and reduce the associated pain.
  • After surgery, some people experience tissue adhesions that can cause internal inflammation. Using percussion massagers will shorten the recovery time after major surgeries.
  • If you have stiff muscles and joints, your doctor might advise you to use percussion massagers because they elongate the muscle fibers thus improving your mobility. They also reduce the spasms so you can move comfortably. This is a potent tool that can help improve your overall range of motion, whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete.
  • Rehabilitation therapy is a must after serious injuries to help the muscles restore their functions. If going to a physiotherapist isn’t an option, you can use a percussion massager after checking with your doctor. Patients who can’t leave the bed can utilize the benefits of a percussion massager for faster recovery.
  • You can use your massager to relieve stress and anxiety. The deep vibrations are very relaxing so they can help you overcome insomnia. With regular use, you’ll enjoy an improvement in your sleep pattern in addition to other therapeutic benefits.
  • Without the help of drugs, percussion massagers will reduce muscle pain and discomfort. These tools are safer and more suitable for people who don’t feel comfortable using too many medications.

How to Use a Percussion Massager?

Percussion massagers look like portable drilling tools. They’re held they would hold guns and this explains the name. Most of these massaging devices are cordless; you can recharge the battery and use it without connecting the massager to a cord. Here’s how to use your percussion massager.

Attach the right head or ball to target the muscle. Bigger heads target bigger muscles and all the connective tissue. Smaller heads target trigger points and specific muscles. 

  1. Start with a low-speed setting and apply pressure to the target area.
  2. Adjust the speed according to your level of comfort.
  3. Move the device to target other areas.

Too much massaging can cause some discomfort, so you should use your massager in moderation. Most of the time, a few minutes are enough to resolve the pain. The strength of the device is enough so you shouldn’t apply manual pressure while using your percussion massager.

Final Verdict

The best percussion massager gun is a reliable tool that can promote muscle healing and help relieve pain after an injury. We highly recommend that you consider the Theragun Pro  as it’s probably one of the best tools on the market.

Using the Theragun Pro for a few minutes is enough to relieve tension and increase blood flow, it’s very easy to control so you can target different muscles in your body.

However, if you’re unable to spend the extra cash, you can definitely use the  Vybe Percussion Massage Gun. It’s not as quiet as other tools on the market but it’s still potent at delivering the therapeutic benefits that you expect from a reliable massaging tool.

My Personal Favorite though, is the Hypervolt Percussion Massage Device, the quietness along is worth it for me!

An avid yoga practitioner, massage enthusiast, and wellness advocate since 2008. From then on, she has helped countless people alleviate muscle pains, tension and stress, to ultimately achieve wellness and balance in life.