Can Electric Massage Chairs Help with Sports Injuries?

Indulging in any type of sport be it basketball, golf, football, or other recreational activities can cause injury. If you do get injured, the wise thing to do before anything else is immediately seek medical advice to receive the best treatment.

Apart from medical treatment, there are a few things you can do to relax your body, and get great relief such as using a massage chair. But can electric massage chairs help with sports injuries?

The short answer is yes. In this article, we’ll dive into this a bit further as to why and how electric massage chairs can help with sports injuries. 

Types of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can affect different parts of your body, most notably your neck, back, legs and feet. Further, there are several different types of sports injuries, most commonly ankle sprains, shin splints, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, and back pain.

In fact, research indicates that 90 percent of all injuries of professional golfers involve the neck or back. 

Massage Chair vs. Massage Therapist

Massage chairs can come with expensive price tags. So, you may be wondering if buying the best massage chair is a good idea compared to making several trips to a therapist to get the relief you need.

First things first, it is important to understand that both massage chairs and massage therapists have their own share of benefits.

Massages chairs have come a long way than what they used since their inception in the 1950’s. Today, the best massage chairs for sports injuries are backed by the latest technology, and some are even FDA registered as a medical device

On the flipside, and just like every other product, there’s no shortage of cheap massage chairs and knockoffs in the market. But on a brighter note, if you invest in a massage chair from a reputable brand or one that boasts excellent massage chair reviews, you’ll probably be surprised at just how well it performs.

Massage Therapists – How do they compare to massage chairs?

Getting to massage therapists, one of the biggest differences you’re bound to notice is the lack of human touch in a massage chair. This human touch offers myriad positive benefits for people of all ages. Some of the key benefits include alleviation of depression symptoms, enhanced attentiveness, increased immune function, and pain reduction.

But one of the biggest reasons why people steer clear of massage therapists, is being touched by someone they don’t know – a masseuse. Furthermore, you may have some health issues such as sciatic nerve pain, that you do not want a masseuse to touch.

Massage chairs allow you to get relief from sports injuries right in the comfort of your home, and at any time you see fit. Another noteworthy benefit of using a massage chair is consistency, because most of the top models allow you to program the massages/movements right into the chair.

Humans contrarily aren’t consistent, so you may get an ill-experienced masseur or masseuse when you book an appointment. Some massage chair models come with offer several different programs and manual options, including the ability to adjust settings such as location and intensity.

Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair

can massage chairs help with sports injuries
can massage chairs help with sports injuries

How can an electric massage chair help with sports injuries? 

While we can’t all enjoy the perks of massage therapy at home, or eat a Michael Phelps’ 12,000 calorie-per-day diet, everyone can reap the benefits of massage chairs right in the comfort of their home. That said, here are a few key benefits of using a massage chair to get relief from your sports injuries.

Increased circulation

Whether you’re feeling sore from an intense workout or have been injured in the field, massage chairs can accelerate blood flow to the areas that need them the most. This speedy oxygen and nutrient replenishment to cells helps your body feel better, resulting in speedy recovery times.

Toxin release

The sweat generated when you participate in sports or when you workout, is your body’s way of getting rid of harmful toxins. A massage chair helps get rid of those toxins from your body by stimulating muscles, which boosts your body’s immunity, and speeds up the healing process.

Muscle targeting

As mentioned earlier, massage chairs come with a rich set of features and options for a more intense massage, and to target several areas of your body. So, you can get a deep tissue massage for your back with the push of a button, for as long as you want, and without any prior appointment. This works great for athletes as it helps to relax and heal certain muscles after playing a sports activity.

Pain relief and relaxation

Training and playing any type of sport is hard work, and can cause fatigue as well as take a toll on your mental health. Massage therapy releases endorphins – the natural “happy” hormones” to relax both your muscles, and mind.

Final thoughts

Massage chairs are a proven way to ease discomfort stemming from sports injuries. They can be had with a wide range of features, where some even come with MP3 or video player options, and heat features to enhance the effects of the massage. But again, it is important that you speak to your doctor first about your injury, and confirm if a massage chair is right for your needs.

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