Does a Full Body Massage Include Groin?

When people go in for their first massage, they are often nervous and want to know what parts of the body are included. Some people are more modest and don’t want to undress, much less be massaged near their private parts. One question that they often ask is, “Does a full body massage include groin?”

A full body massage normally doesn’t include the groin. There are certain ethical standards concerning clients’ privacy, and there are laws against touching the genital and breast regions.

However, there are circumstances where the groin sustained an injury, it can be massaged in therapeutic treatment as part of the recovery.

does a full body massage include groin

What Parts of the Body Are Included in a Full Body Massage?

A full body massage usually starts just below the neck and moves all the way down to the feet. It can also include the head, including the crown, scalp, and Occidental muscles that are in the back of the head. 

From the neck, the massage therapist will move to the shoulders across the collar bone and into your upper back. They will go over the upper and lower back, which is an important part of the massage for most people because the back holds a lot of tension in the muscles. 

It includes the arms and hands, and the glutes, thighs, calves, and legs. Finally, they will massage the feet. Normally, a skilled massage therapist will keep distance from the groin area as they stay away from the private parts. You should never feel uncomfortable during a massage, and this is a reason for avoiding this sensitive area. 

What Muscles Near the Groin Does a Full Body Massage Include?

The massage therapist will massage your hips, your glutes, and your thighs, but they will stop short of your groin. They are bound by laws and regulations, and if they touch a client, it is considered either sexual abuse or prostitution. A licensed massage therapist risks losing their license if they don’t follow the rules. 

The purpose of a full body massage is to make you feel relaxed, juvenated, energized, and free of pain. They cover all of the major muscle groups from your head to your feet. When you have a longer full body massage, you will experience a state of deep relaxation. 

Do Massage Therapists Ever Massage the Groin?

There are circumstances where a massage therapist will massage your groin. The main one is when you are recovering from an injury.

If you have suffered from a groin strain, this means that the adductor muscles of your inner thigh have been torn or stretched. It happens most frequently to athletes who play sports that require quick direction changes, such as tennis, hockey, football, and more. 

The injury is caused by forced extension of the adductor muscles, and it can happen when sprinting or kicking. It also happens as a result of inflammation or overuse of the muscle. 

Sports massage for a groin strain focuses on the entire thigh, and it accents the adductors. It is done to reduce muscle tightness, increase blood circulation, and relieve pain. It is helpful because it strengthens the tissue around the groin, and it helps to improve the range of movement.

Massage therapists often do both sports and deep tissue massages on people who have strained the groin. 

Why Doesn’t a Full Body Massage Include the Groin?

In some countries, a full body massage includes the groin, but not in the United States. Although you can get specialized massages as part of a recovery from an injury, in general, the laws, rules, and ethical standards are designed to make sure that there is no prostitution or sexual abuse in massage.

There are massage parlors with unlicensed masseuses, many of whom are not trained. These questionable establishments may perform other types of massage.

Each state has different laws, but the professional organizations that regulate the industry require that licensed massage therapists follow certain standards or lose their license.

If you ask for a groin massage in these places, they will not do it. The groin is considered a sensual spot, and they will stick to your outer thighs, glutes, and hips in a full body massage. 

Benefits of a Full Body Massage

There are many benefits to a full body massage, including the following:

  • Improves skin health by shedding dead skin cells
  • Improves circulation
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Encourages the release of toxin buildup in muscles
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Activates the parasympathetic nervous system to boost the digestive system
  • Improves digestive health
  • Clams cardiovascular system
  • Encourages deep breathing for relaxation
  • Relieves stress

Final Thoughts

When you have a full body massage, they normally do not massage your groin. They will focus on the rest of your muscles from your head to your feet. However, you can get a specialized sports massage that includes groin if you are recovering from a strained groin. 

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