Are Massage Cushions Good for You?

Most people, especially those working a 9 – 5 grind live a hectic life! This is probably the biggest reasons why millions of consumers use massage therapy as a source of stress, anxiety, and pain relief.

But professional massage therapy is a luxury that doesn’t come cheap, and could burn a hole in your pocket even after a couple of sessions.

This is where gadgets like massage cushions come into play. It’s the cheaper and the more convenient way to enjoy the benefits of getting a massage, most notably stress relief and relaxation of tight muscles.

What is a Massage Cushion? 

Before delving into the big question — are massage seat cushions good for you, it is important to understand what exactly are massage cushions, and how they work to provide relief to your body. 

Massage chair cushions are just regular cushions you’d add to your chair or couch for enhanced comfort, but with massage therapeutic benefits. These cushions come with a wide range of innovative functions, geared towards replicating a professional massage right in the comfort of your home. 

They are however not the same as conventional cushions because massage chair cushions are embedded with vibrating motors, massage nodes, and provide you with a plethora of massage options and speeds. 

Massage cushions are highly versatile, in that you can secure them to any chair or couch in your house, as well as to the back of your car seat. This means that you can get an invigorating massage at home or on the go. 

One of the biggest reasons why massage chair cushions are good for you is that they save you some serious cash and time in making trips to a professional massage therapist. Plus, the best massage chair cushions give you a satisfying massage, without laying on a table or being touched by a perfect stranger. 

are massage cushions good for you

Comfier Neck & Back Massage Cushion

This Comfier Multipurpose shiatsu massage chair cushion combines Shiatsu, Finger Pressure, Kneading, Rolling, Spot, Air compression and infrared heating functions to help you eliminate fatigue and soreness after working hard or driving for a long time.

Are Massage Cushions Good for You? 

One of the things massage chair cushions don’t solve is an underlying medical condition, but on a brighter note do provide positive effects when healing from an injury. Some consumers also claim massage chair cushions improve their mood, and make them feel rejuvenated after even short sessions. 

Apart from relaxation, massage chair cushions are good for you for several key reasons including: 

Neck Pain 

Given that the best massage chair cushions mimic a professional therapeutic massage, they are known to stimulate your muscles and nerve endings. In fact, research indicates massage chair cushions provide a highly effective level of treatment for relief from chronic neck pain. 

Upper and Lower Back 

Some massage cushion models come with a rolling mechanism, which coupled with the integrated heat features increase lymph drainage, and increase blood flow to the lower back. This makes massage cushions a great choice for people experiencing back pain, suffering from back ailments, and/or those who are desk-bound at work. 

Just like the lower back, massage seat cushions work in a similar way to help with both chronic, and acute back pain issues. Massage cushions help loosen up tense muscles in the upper back, and provide relief from issues such as muscle strain, and tension near your spine. 


Sciatica is basically nerve pain that originates from your lower back, and affects just one side of your body in most cases. Massage cushions increase blood flow in your lower back and buttocks, and release pressure on the Sciatica nerve. 

are massage cushions good for you

Comfier Shiatsu Back Massage Cushion

The Comfier back massager features Shiatsu rollers with 4 rotating nodes that can move up and down, mimic the massage hands, perform deep tissue massage on knots and tension muscles which brings relaxation throughout the body, Helps eliminate fatigue, stress and muscle aches.


Massage cushions can be used during pregnancy as a form of relief from stiff muscles. And it goes without saying, if you’re relaxed, so is your baby, and plus you get that much deserved TLC.

That being side, it’s generally not recommended to use any massagers during your first trimester just to be on the safe side. As always, make sure to consult with your doctor before using any new device. You can never be too cautious during your pregnancy after all.

Lower Arthritic Pain 

If you have or are showing symptoms of arthritis, you should consult your doctor first before using any form of massage therapy, as it may make the condition worse. That said, a gentle massage from a massage cushion has positive effects on endorphin levels, hence can provide relief from the pain, and discomfort resulting from arthritis. 


If you are one of the millions experiencing headaches and migraines, a massage chair can help by alleviating trigger points, and increasing blood flow. This should help reduce the number of headaches,

Final Thoughts: 

Getting back to the primary question — are massage cushions good for you, answer is absolutely yes, and for all the aforementioned reasons. Most of the best massage cushions available today feature advanced technology, and can replicate or come close to professional massages. 

Massage cushions are also a cost efficient way of getting great relief from ailments such as arthritis, and can provide great comfort from the daily hustle and bustle. 

Adding to this, massage cushions can be had in an array of different types, each with their own rich set of features. Sure, getting a personal massage is lovely, but can also be expensive and inconvenient for many, and what’s worse is the high costs for each professional massage session.