A Beginner’s Guide to Massage and Electric Massagers

Many of us lead very tiring lives. Our hectic work schedules, appointments, and family events can drain out all of our energy. What’s worse is that they not only cause stress, but they can also produce random muscle pain. This is the reason why getting a massage is so therapeutic.

A massage helps relieve pain, lower stress levels, and even eliminate negative feelings, which some people refer to as “energies” that you might be burdened with.

Massage, An Ancient Therapeutic Wonder

Massage really is amazing. Did you know that it goes way back? It has been a part of different ancient medical traditions, and it is still practiced today in many different forms.

A massage is performed for physical therapy, relaxation, and more. It is so effective that it can even improve one’s quality of life. Just think about it. How many times have you gone to get a massage even if you’re not bedridden or sick? We and many others have already done that a lot of times. That’s because getting a massage feels like having an instant refresh.

Have you ever wondered if you can do it on your own, though? If you had, then you’re not alone. You will also be pleasantly surprised to know that it’s what this guide is going to be all about.

Here, we are going to talk about the art of massage, what it is, its different forms, how to perform it at home on your own using an electric massager, and more. So, put on your favorite playlist, light up a candle to set the mood, and let’s get started!

beginner's guide to massage and electric massagers

Chapter 1: The Art of Massage

During the introduction, we mentioned that massage therapy is a part of ancient healing practices. We also discussed how it can work wonders on anyone. Then again, we didn’t explain what it is yet, right? That’s what this chapter is going to be all about.

Below, we are going to talk about what massage is, its different types, and the different massage devices that you can get to perform your own massage at home.

What Is Massage?

So what is massage anyway? Massage is the act of manipulating and applying a controlled force to the muscles throughout the body. Someone who is trained to do this is called a masseur or a masseuse, which pertains to male and female practitioners, respectively. If they get certified for it, they may be referred to as massage therapists.

Different Types of Massage

Different situations call for different types of massage therapy, which is why it comes as no surprise that there are different types of massages all around the world. Here are the most popular types:

Swedish Massage

This is one of the gentlest types of massage, which makes it perfect for beginners, those who are sensitive to touch, and those who have a low tolerance to pain. Since it is a full-body massage, be prepared to undress if you’re planning on getting a Swedish massage.

Hot Stone Massage

What if you’re not comfortable with another person’s hands kneading their way all over your body? Would there still be a type of massage for you? Yes. For those people, we highly recommend giving hot stone massage a try.

A hot stone massage is as gentle as a Swedish massage, and it is no less as effective. However, it is also a full-body massage, which means that it will require you to undress to enjoy its full benefits. For those who are not that comfortable with heat, then you’ll be pleased to learn that cold stones may be used as well.

Aromatherapy Massage

As mentioned above, massage doesn’t just cater to those who require physical therapy. It can also help those who need emotional healing. If you’re tired or just emotionally drained, we recommend aromatherapy massage.

Basically, aromatherapy massage is just a Swedish massage but with the addition of essential oils. Different kinds of oils can be used depending on your needs and preferences. We suggest choosing one that you are already familiar with as a start.

electric massagers the ultimate guide

Deep Tissue Massage

Ready for the next level? Are your muscles so twisted and in pain that only tough love can handle it? Then you are ready for a deep tissue massage. Be forewarned, though. This massage involves deep pressure that can be painful and intolerable to some.

Sports Massage

Finally, if you are nursing a certain injury, regardless if you’ve incurred it while playing sports or not, or you’re simply in need of a more focused massage, then this is what you need to look for. We say “look for” because not all massage spas and centers offer sports massage. We also recommend getting this type of massage done by certified massage therapists so as to avoid further injury.

There you have it! Don’t get us wrong, though. There are certainly other types of massages out there; we haven’t even featured half of them. However, due to the limited space in this eBook, we will leave it up to you to discover your other massage choices. After all, our main objective is to focus more on massage devices, which we are going to talk about next.

Different Types of Massage Devices

While we all know that nothing beats the real deal, it is also smart to invest in a massage therapy device so as to make sure that you can perform quick massages and relieve yourself from pain even when at home. In general, massage devices can be broken down into two categories: manual and electric.

Manual Massagers

Manual massagers are handheld tools typically made of wood or metal with moving or fixed parts that are designed to go over pressure points and provide relief to pain. One of the most popular manual massagers is the wooden roller, which comes in different sizes meant to be used for different parts of the body. Small wooden rollers, for instance, are created to be used for the face to relieve and stimulate facial muscles for smoother, tighter skin.

Electric Massagers

Instead of manual operation, this type of massage device uses electricity. These usually come with replaceable or rechargeable batteries. This category, though, can further be broken down by their massaging mechanism, or the target area of the body that they are used on.

Electric massagers also vary greatly in size, but regardless of it, one thing’s for certain: having a massage device at home makes it convenient for you to provide you and your family a sense of relief whenever needed. We personally prefer electric massagers since you won’t need to apply force anymore, which can sometimes be incredibly difficult if you’re in pain.

massage and electric massagers guide

Anyway, speaking of electric massage devices, that’s what the next chapter is entirely devoted to. It is also where we are going to share with you the subcategories of electronic massagers we were talking about above, so let’s go!

Chapter 2: Electric Massagers 101

So, are you ready to take home your very own electric massager? Now, the question is, of all the different types out there, which one should you get? Don’t worry; as promised, we are going to help you answer that query later on by sharing with you the different types of electric massagers below.

Different Types of Electric Massagers

Like with most devices, electric massagers also come in many forms, each one designed to perform a massage that’s appropriate for a certain condition. Here are some of the choices you’d likely find online or at a local shop:

Heated Electric Massagers

Heated electric massagers are devices that utilize heat to soothe tired muscles. These work like your usual electric hot compress, but one significant difference is the fact that this type is still a massager and thus has moving or vibrating parts.

Vibrating Electric Massagers

While we are already in the topic of vibration, some electric massagers don’t use heat but just vibrate instead. What we like about these electric massagers is that they offer different pulses or vibrate options that soothe different levels of pain and match various needs and preferences.

Infrared Electric Massagers

Infrared massage devices are similar to heated electric massagers. However, instead of using regular heat produced by electricity, the heat that you will get to enjoy from this type of device comes from infrared technology.

If you really want to get specific on the details, infrared is light that can produce heat, and due to its nature, it can penetrate better into your target areas compared to your standard electric massager. It can even promote better blood circulation and reduce cellulite.

Now, aside from the different options we have mentioned above, electric massagers can also be categorized by how they are used, such as the ones below:

how to use electric massager

Handheld Electric Massagers

Handheld electric massagers are devices that you can direct and control with your hands. Most of them come in wand form, with various attachments that you can interchange depending on your need and mood. Although, some handheld massagers are designed to get strapped onto the palm of your hand, which can also be categorized as a “wearable” if you really think about it.


Wearables are electric massagers that you can, well, wear. These come in different forms, but the most popular is the massage belt. Just a word of caution, though. Never wear one with the intention of napping with it. Don’t sleep with any type of massager on, especially heat-producing ones. This is to avoid any unwanted injury.

Cushions and Furniture

Finally, there are electric massagers that you can stand on, lie on, and of course, sit on. The most popular is the electric massage chair, which you can lounge on for several minutes or until your pain is relieved.

Wow, there truly is a wide variety of different electric massage devices to choose from out there, don’t you think? The challenge now is choosing the right one for you. 

Which One Should You Get?

There are different factors that you should consider when deciding what kind of massager to get. You should think about your target area, available massage time, and of course, your budget.

Before deciding, ask yourself: Will you be able to reach your lower back with this handheld vibrating massager? Or is it better to get a vibrating massage cushion for your office chair instead? Do you have the time to sit down and treat yourself to a massage session regularly? Or would you prefer something that you can wear while you’re working or doing your chores? Finally, can you really afford that reclining massage chair or does your budget restricts you to just a smaller device for now?

Once you have determined the answers to these questions, the next smart thing to do is to check out testimonials and reviews online. Each massager works differently, and in some cases, some “miracle” or “groundbreaking” massagers don’t even work at all. It’s better to be on the safer side of things and do your research beforehand.

Below is our top picks of the best electric massagers in each category after hours of research:

After you have finally chosen the electric massager for you, we can move on to the next chapter where we are going to learn how to use and maintain it.

Chapter 3: The Use and Maintenance of Electric Massagers

So, what type of electric massager did you get? Have you already tried it out? It’s fine with us if you haven’t since we have yet to teach you how anyway.

In this chapter, we are going to share with a step-by-step guide to using an electric massager safely, the risks that come with it, and later on, how to take care of your massager so you will be able to use it for a long time.

Best Handheld Massager

How to Use an Electric Massager Safely

Let’s start using your new massage device. Take it out of the packaging and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Read the manual beforehand.

The first thing that you need to do is to read the instruction manual that came with your device. This will provide you with the complete list of your massager’s settings and features that are important to know if you want to make the most of your device. It will also contain precautions straight from the manufacturer.

Since this eBook is geared towards the general public, we won’t be able to share with you the specifics of your device, especially since there are hundreds of different massage devices out there. Then again, this is the reason why we highly recommend reading the manual.

Step 2: Don’t plug in your device just yet.

Before you plug in or turn on your device, you’d want to get familiar with its features first. Does your massager need to be recharged? Does it need to be plugged throughout the entire session? Do you still need to wait for the device to warm up? Once you know the answers to these, then you may proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Identify the problem area.

Now that you have gotten to know the device, it’s time to get to know your body next. Where do you plan to use your device and for how long can you apply it there?

Step 4: Turn on your device and use the lowest setting.

We understand that you probably need a medium setting or higher than that based on the pain you’re experiencing or the level of relief that you’re going for. However, allow your body to gradually get used to the new sensation. Let your muscles warm up and, later on, before your session is done, allow it to cool down.

Step 5: Proceed with your session.

Increase your device’s setting accordingly to adjust it to your needs and preferences.

Step 6: Wait for the device to cool down before storage.

If you have an electric massager that heats up, wait for it to cool down. Otherwise, you can put it back in storage. Most electric massagers come with their own storage bags. If yours didn’t, then feel free to use a cloth bag or other alternatives. Just make sure that it will protect your massager from dust when it’s not in use.

We are going to talk more about massage device maintenance later on. For now, let us move on to the next topic, where we will discuss the different risks that come with using an electric massager.

The Risks of Using Electric Massagers: What You Need to Know

Electric massagers are great, but just like other gadgets and medical implements, improper usage can certainly pose some health risks! Here are some of them:

Can damage your arteries

The skin surrounding your neck is thin and delicate. That’s why we don’t recommend passing over that part with your massager no matter how gentle it is. The worst thing that can happen is that it may even cause an ischemic stroke. Yikes!

Can cause an electric shock

This is already a given. Since your massage device uses electricity, always inspect its wires for small tears and exposed components before and after using it. Also, never use it with wet hands, on damp skin, and most of all, while you’re submerged in a tub or pool.

Might not work for your issue

Not all pain requires a massage, after all. It takes a professional or certified therapist to determine that. Some injuries require more attention, while some require cold compress. Hence, we recommend consulting your physician or physical therapist first before using your electric massager on areas where you experience chronic or serious pain.

massage and electric massagers

Tips on How to Maintain Your Electric Massager

In the end, just remember to use your electric massager responsibly and in moderation. By keeping the tips we have shared with you in mind, we are sure that you will be able to enjoy the convenience and help that the electric massager can provide.

When used wisely, it really can serve as a more affordable substitute for home massage services. You can even get more out of it if you take care of your massage device since you will be able to use it longer.

As promised, here are some helpful tips on how to care for your massager:

Most electric massagers don’t need the extra pressure anymore. Just park it on your target area and allow it to do its thing without applying additional force.

Take note of how long each suggested session lasts. Most massagers recommend five-minute to 10-minute sessions. Don’t exceed the given duration. This is also the reason why you must read the user’s manual beforehand.

Don’t wrap the cord around your unit. Coil the cord and secure it with a wire tie. This will prevent cord fraying, which usually leads to damaged cords and exposed wires.

Also, don’t tug on the unit’s cords and wires. When unplugging, hold the plug on its head and pull it out.

When carrying without a case, hold your device at its body and not by its cord.

Always keep your massage device in a storage pack when not in use. We know that we have already mentioned this above, but we can’t stress enough how important this is.

Finally, store your device in a safe and dry area. Keep it out of children’s reach!

That’s it! With these tips in mind, we’re sure that you and your electric massager will enjoy a lot of rejuvenating home spa sessions together.

Wrap Up

Wow, we have finally reached the end of the guide. We hope that you have learned a lot about the art of massage and electric massage devices and that you have enjoyed reading it as much as we did preparing it for you.

By the way, we also want to invite you to check out other content on our website. Like this guide, it is entirely dedicated to different massage devices, their use, and more tips and tricks! We’re sure that you will enjoy our content over there.

Improve Your Quality of Life with an Electric Massager

Massage devices, for us, are not just nifty tools you need to get just because they are advertised on television, nor are they products that we advertise because we want to gain something for it. We advocate and promote the use of electric massage devices because we believe that they can significantly improve one’s quality of life.

We already experience a lot of pain and stress in our daily lives. We simply want to ease your burdens and allow you to enjoy your self-love sessions at home. After all, why do you need to tolerate your muscle pains and lack of energy if you can do something to relieve them? That’s why we sincerely hope that the electric massage device that you get will be as much help to you as much as it helped us.

Free yourself from strained muscles and stay healthy!