What to Wear to a Massage? (Read this before your next massage)

Thanks to the various health benefits associated with massage therapy, more and more people are getting into massage.

If you’re new to the scene and your first appointment is coming up, you’re probably wondering what to wear to a massage. The subject can be confusing to many folks and may result in awkward situations if you’re not prepared.

On your way to and from a massage, loose-fitting clothes are best because they’re comfortable and easy to slip on or off. During a massage, it’s recommended you wear as little as you’re comfortable with to allow for uninterrupted strokes over your body.

Keep reading to find out more details about what to wear to a massage and during a session to make the most out of your visit.

What to Wear on Your Way to and from a Massage

On your way to and from a massage session, the best thing to wear is an outfit under the category of loose-fitting clothes.

Not only are such clothes comfortable, but they’re also easy to put on and take off — which is important that you be able to do for a massage. This can be anything from your gym clothes to a baggy shirt and sweatpants.

Avoid wearing anything that’s slim-fit or tight-fitting because when you slip your clothes back on after the treatment is complete, some residual massage oil that may be present on your skin could rub on your clothes and make them uncomfortable.

As for your hair, you should keep it out of the way by tying it up or putting it into a bun. This way, your hair won’t get oily and it won’t interrupt the therapist.

What to Wear During a Massage

While you don’t have to wear or take off anything more than what you’re comfortable with, it’ll help you make the most out of the massage treatment if you wear as little as possible. This could be only your underwear or even being completely naked.

It’s totally up to you when it comes to how much you want to undress, but keep in mind that wearing too much clothing hinders your therapist’s ability to reach deep into your body’s tissues.

As professionals, massage therapists are usually understanding if their clients feel uncomfortable being nude, especially when the contact involves members of the opposite sex. This is why they typically cover up your body with towels and reveal only the areas they need to work on each at its time.

Can You be Fully Clothed during a Massage?

Yes, you can. Massage therapists are generally happy to work under your preferred conditions, so if that includes you being fully clothed during the massage, they’ll do it as long as you let them know what you want.

If you do decide to go fully clothed, make sure the clothes you wear aren’t too thick. We recommend a sports shirt with tights or yoga pants.

what to wear to a massage

Can You Wear Underwear to a Massage?

It’s common for people to wear underwear during a massage. It’s a good way to overcome the anxiety of being naked in front of your therapist.

If you decide to do this, make sure you’re not wearing thick or ornate underwear to your massage session. Keep things as plain as possible, or better yet, wear sports underwear since they’re lighter, thinner, and tighter fitting than everyday underwear.

Can You Wear Swimming Suits to a Massage?

Just like you can wear underwear for a massage, it’s also acceptable for you to wear a swimsuit during the session. Although they’re basically showing the same amount of skin, many people prefer wearing swimming suits to underwear as they feel the former are less revealing or intimate.

The reason for this is probably because it’s more normal to be around strangers while wearing a swimming suit at the beach or the pool than walking around in your underwear. Whatever your motive is, chances are your massage therapist won’t mind.

Should I Remove Accessories during a Massage?

Yes, you should take off any accessories before you start your massage session. So, if you’re wearing earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, or any sort of thing, it’s best to remove them.

You can simply place them at a nearby table, keep them in your bag, or store them in a designated locker at the facility. After the massage is finished, feel free to put them back on.

Final Thoughts

So what to wear to a massage? On your way to and from the clinic or parlor, it’s best to wear loose-fitting clothes as they’re comfortable and easy to put on and take off. During a massage, wear as little as you’re comfortable with to allow for uninterrupted movements over your body.

An avid yoga practitioner, massage enthusiast, and wellness advocate since 2008. From then on, she has helped countless people alleviate muscle pains, tension and stress, to ultimately achieve wellness and balance in life.