Do Electronic Pulse Massagers Work?

Electronic pulse massagers are often referred to in different ways. You might hear of them being called ‘Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation’ which is thankfully shortened to TENS.

An alternative way of referring to them is Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS for short. You will note that one type stimulates nerves, and the other stimulates muscles

Whatever name they are called these massagers are used by all sorts of people from athletes at their peak fitness, through to elderly people whose joints and muscles give them pain.

A question often asked is ‘How do these electronic pulse massagers operate?’ and a more pointed question is, ‘Do they really work?’ Read on, and we’ll try to answer both questions.

Do Electronic Pulse Massagers Work

What Is An Electronic Pulse Massager?

An electronic pulse massager is a device which uses low voltage electrical impulses that can reduce or eliminate pain within certain areas of the body. Its main unit generates the impulses which are then transmitted via small electrical cables into the body.

The cables are connected to the body with the use of sticky patches which are positioned on the specific areas of the body where the pain relief is most required.

When the electrical currents enter the body, they effectively give a small electric shock to the nerves or the muscles in that area. By doing so it can alleviate pain, reduce tension in muscles and tendons, or help the recovery of damaged tissue.

Do Electronic Pulse Massagers Work

Benefits of Using an Electronic Pulse Massager

There are several benefits to using an electronic pulse massager, assuming that you use it correctly and safely. Here are the main ones:

Improved Blood Flow

Blood has many functions with one of the most important to circulate oxygen around your body. The better the blood flow, the more oxygen there is which is hugely beneficial to your health and well-being.

Using an electronic pulse massager can positively affect blood vessels which are located in the area where the patches are placed. What happens is that the muscles that surround the blood vessels relax, and thus the blood vessels expand in diameter. This allows for an increased rate of blood flow

Healthier Joints and Muscles

One of the most common afflictions for joints is inflammation which is why the use of an electronic pulse massager can help.

The electrical pulses reduce the biological agents which contribute to inflammation leading to a huge reduction in the pain which inflamed joints invariably create.

When it comes to muscles one of the things that can inflict them is a condition called contraction which effectively reduces the range of a muscles movement. This causes stiffness and as you would expect, pain also.

With an electronic pulse massager, the contraction can be eliminated because the electric pulses relax the muscle and it, therefore, is able to move over a greater range.

Repairing Nerves

Nerve damage can have many consequences such as reduced feeling or increased pain. Damaged nerves also have a negative knock-on effect on muscle maneuverability.

The low voltage impulses that an electronic pulse massager can generate actually retrain the nerves in terms of their sensory functions. This can lead to improved feeling , reduced pain, and your muscles recovering much of their mobility.

General Pain Reduction

While the issues we’ve already mentioned create pain, an electronic pulse massager can reduce other pain which is not necessarily associated with any of the above.

The reason it can do so is that electric pulses entering the body increase the release of endorphins which can lead to a reduction in pain sensitivity.

Do Electronic Pulse Massagers Work

Possible Issues With Using an Electronic Pulse Massager

While there seem to be many benefits of using an electronic pulse massager, they are not suitable for everyone, and in some cases their use can actually be dangerous. Here are some examples.

Pacemaker and Implants

As we are talking about electricity entering your body, even at the low voltages which are used there are some very important precautions which those who have a pacemaker, or any kind of implant fitted must take.

Most certainly you need to consult with your physician or appropriate medical professional to ensure it will be safe.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

The use of an electronic pulse massager might not be suitable for those with certain pre-existing medical conditions. These include epilepsy and specific heart conditions. Again, speak to a medical expert for advice.


Electronic pulse massagers can be used to relieve labor pains but it’s highly advisable to avoid using them during the early stages of pregnancy. This is particularly the case with TENS type massagers.


On balance, the positive benefits an electronic pulse massager can produce certainly outweigh some of the negatives, although we certainly advise that if you have any doubts in relation to a medical condition, you should seek medical advice.