Can I Bring A Massager On the Plane?

Can I bring a massager on the plane? The answer is usually ‘yes’, for the most part.

Manual massagers like spiky balls and stick rollers shouldn’t be a problem, they are usually permissible. However, it’s still a good idea to check with the airline before flying.

Imagine, you’re about to board the plane. The security staff decide that your stick roller massage device looks like a weapon. Could they take it and toss it in a bin? Depending on whatever the current international situation is, procedures can change overnight.

Massagers are not mentioned in the guidelines of the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority(CAA). Nor those of the USA’s Transport Security Administration (TSA). But in the case of electric massagers, you might want to contact the airline as a precaution. We’ll go into this in a little more detail later.

Why Bring a Massager on the Plane?

As most of us know, massage is a therapeutic treatment. It consists of applying some pressure to the soft tissues of the body. This pressure is usually applied by another person, ideally, a qualified therapist. However, it’s possible to learn how to give this treatment to yourself.

Massage has many benefits, including the following:

  • Lowers stiffness and muscular tension
  • Relief from stress 
  • Helps with easing levels of anxiety
  • Proven to improve blood circulation

Massage is good for relieving stress. Many people use it as an antidote to the stress and discomfort induced by long-haul flights. While some people may discreetly massage on the flight, most prefer to wait until they reach the privacy of a hotel room.

Of course if it’s a short trip or a business trip they may not have checked-in baggage. Hence the need to be able to bring a massager on the plane even if they are not planning to use it during flight.

What are the Different Types of Massagers?

There are two main types of implements with which you can help you give yourself a massage. There are manual massagers such as:

You can use them by hand, applying to different areas of the body. You can even do it while sitting in your seat on the plane if you wish, provided it doesn’t disturb your fellow passengers.

Meanwhile, there are electric massagers such as:

  • Neck and back/shoulders Massager: This is like a collar. It runs on rechargeable batteries. Wear it around the neck, over a t-shirt, even on the flight. You can discreetly receive your massage on your neck and shoulders while on board. Of course, you can put it in your hand baggage and use it when you reach your accommodation.
  • Handheld back and body massager: Rather than a collar, this looks something like a hairbrush or a gun. If you wish to use this on the flight, you may find yourself disturbing the passengers on either side of you.
  • Pillow massager: This is a massage device designed for both back and neck. It’s good to use at home, in the office or in the car. It can even work in the seat of a plane, should you decide to use it when there’s no one sitting around you.

Rules and Regulations

Going back to something we mentioned earlier. This is a matter you ​might want to check before boarding a flight. It doesn’t matter whether the flight is in the UK or USA, we must be aware of the rules and regulations regarding cabin baggage.

Both the UK’s CAA and the USA’s TSA have lists available regarding what may or may not be carried on a plane as cabin baggage. Here are the points to keep in mind:

  • Are you carrying an electric massager which you need to plug in somewhere? It’s important to know if you can plug your device in at your seat, should you wish to use it on board. You’ll need to check that matter with the airline. They can inform you if the plane has a provision for this. You’ll need that at the passenger seat.
  • TSA and CAA are liberal in their allowance for bringing electronic devices on board. You may bring your laptop and tablets. You must check if the batteries on your electric massager is compliant with requirements.

Final Thoughts

Can I bring a massager on the plane? The answer’s yes, you can.

Nothing in the rule books say you can’t, neither by the UK’s CAA nor the USA’s TSA. A source in the TSA advises keeping your massager separately for security checks, rather than bundling it with other electronic items. Once it’s through security checks, relax.

If you’re worried you’ll be prevented from bringing your massager on board, call the airline before your flight. There may be some intrepid souls who’ll attempt massage when airborne. With your device in your hand baggage, you’ll know it’s ready to use. However, our advice here is to wait until you reach the comfort and privacy of your accommodation.

An avid yoga practitioner, massage enthusiast, and wellness advocate since 2008. From then on, she has helped countless people alleviate muscle pains, tension and stress, to ultimately achieve wellness and balance in life.