Can You Get a Massage After Botox?

People enjoy a massage for many reasons, including stress relief, relaxation, and more. Some people also have Botox from a dermatologist, which is minimally invasive and helps people relax any lines on their faces. It isn’t a surgery, but it is still a procedure, and there are things to avoid for a period of time after Botox.

You should not let anyone touch your face after Botox, including a facial massage. Any pressure can cause the treatment to move into other places in your body, and you should avoid it for at least seven days. You can have a body massage, as long as the massage therapist doesn’t touch your face. However, you must keep pressure off of your face for the seven-day healing period. 

The Recovery Period After Botox

Before you make a decision about getting a massage, it is a good idea to understand the recovery period after Botox. They will advise you not to touch your face at all after receiving the treatment. Even light pressure can cause the Botox to move to other parts of your face, which is why they tell you to avoid it. You should definitely avoid having anyone touch your face for any reason. 

The injection site can also be vulnerable to contamination, so you won’t want to have direct contact with anything or anyone. In addition, you aren’t supposed to lie down for at least four hours after receiving Botox, and if you do, your head should be at a 45-degree angle. They recommend that you wait at least seven days before getting a massage. 

Why Should You Avoid Getting a Massage After Botox?

After Botox, it is recommended that you wait at least seven days before getting a massage. For the first four hours, you shouldn’t even lie down, and you shouldn’t let anyone or anything touch your face.

Botox is an injection of botulinum toxin, and in small doses, it can treat different disorders. It is commonly used to relax the muscles in your face to minimize lines and wrinkles. 

It is nonsurgical, but it is still a procedure. You will want to prevent the injection site from becoming contaminated, and you should avoid putting any pressure on your face. When you put pressure on your face, it can move the Botox away from the site that you treated. 

If the massage therapist touches your face, it can cause the Botox to migrate. The problem is that if you get a body massage, you won’t be able to lie face down on the massage table. You could sit up and have a leg massage or an arm massage, but you shouldn’t lie down on a massage table. 

How Long After Botox Can You Get a Massage?

The recommended waiting time is seven days. You should wait two weeks before you get a facial or a facial massage. You can have a massage sooner, but you need to be careful not to risk irritation at the injection site. 

People often schedule a massage before the Botox treatment so that they have ample time to recover before the next massage. If you get a massage sooner, you should lay on your back, and try to keep your head higher than the rest of your body. 

This is important because you don’t want to increase blood circulation around your face. You need to give the Botox time to be absorbed. Once it is absorbed, it will cause your muscles to relax, and this is how the lines and wrinkles fade. 

Can You Get a Leg Massage After Botox?

You can get a leg massage after Botox. You should try to remain sitting up for the massage, and make sure that nothing touches your face. You should be fine if you sit up during the massage. You can also have your arms massaged under the same circumstances. 

Some people have massages as part of rehab or recovery, and it can be important not to miss an appointment. As long as you keep your head elevated and avoid applying pressure to your face, you can have limited forms of massage to other parts of your body. 

How Often Do You Get Botox?

Most of the time, people have Botox treatments every three to four months. Over time, you may be able to spread them out further as your facial muscles become trained to contract less. You can plan your massage appointments according to your Botox schedule. 

Final Thoughts

In general, you should wait two weeks to have a facial massage and a week to have a body massage after you have Botox treatment. It is important not to touch your face or apply pressure to it while the Botox is being absorbed.

If you are having a massage for rehab or recovery, you may be able to let someone work on isolated parts of your body as long as they don’t touch your face. 

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