Is a Foot Massager Good for High Blood Pressure?

Apart from the heart, your feet are perhaps the only other part of your body that work overtime day in and day out. 

A foot massage is a great way to give your feet a well deserved TLC, and get relief from myriad different ailments including high blood pressure. 

There are many reasons why an effective foot massage is good for high blood pressure, most notably because it reduces stress that can temporarily increase your blood pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure, you are probably already being treated with prescription medication from a medical professional. 

A foot massage is not a replacement for your blood pressure treatment, but works in several different ways over and above your medication to give you some level of relief. 

Why Choose a Foot Massager?

If you think foot massages are expensive, we’d have to agree. As the price of a professional foot massage can indeed burn a hole in your pocket, costing roughly between $50 – $100+ per session. 

But if you suffer from high blood pressure, and don’t want to spend serious cash on professional massage sessions, buying a home foot massager is a great choice. 

The best foot massagers available today provide highly effective and relaxing foot massages, right in the comfort of your own home. 

That said, here are five ways a foot massager can reduce or help eradicate your high blood pressure issues. 

is a foot massager good for high blood pressure

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5 Reasons a Foot Massager is Good for High Blood Pressure 

1. Increases Endorphins 

Endorphins are a family of neurotransmitters that are also known as happy hormones. They are produced by the body in several different types, and lower blood pressure when released. 

A foot massager improves your mood, and replaces your sense of depression and discomfort with a sense of deep relaxation, consequently increasing the number of endorphins, and providing relief from high blood pressure. 

2. Increases Heart Rate 

Getting a foot massage has a positive effect on both your blood pressure and heart rate. An increase in heart rate helps expand the size of healthy blood vessels, resulting in an increase in blood flow, which keeps your blood pressure relatively scalable. 

A foot massager increases your heart rate by improving blood circulation, and lymphatic and circulatory systems, which are responsible for transporting the supply of oxygen and nutrients to other parts of your body. 

3. Reduces Effects from Edema Caused by Pregnancy 

Edema is the medical term for swelling, which can be caused by either injury or inflammation. 

Medical problems that can cause edema include infections, pregnancy and medications, congestive heart failure, weakness or damage to the veins in your legs. 

Swelling happens when the small blood vessels in your body leaks fluids to nearby tissues, and accumulates. 

This swelling can cause high blood pressure, and force your heart to work overtime. A foot massager can alleviate this discomfort, and decrease the swelling caused by edema. 

4. Releases Pressure Points 

Massaging on certain pressure points can help reduce blood pressure, as well as relieve anxiety and menstrual cramps. 

Even though there are several pressure points in your body, the LV3 point, also known as Tai Chong is located between the toe and second toe, and when relieved reduces stress, and high blood pressure. 

Most if not all of the best foot massagers are fitted with several different massage nodes, and offer different types of foot massages to choose from, so you can relieve key pressure points in your feet, and consequently lower your blood pressure. 

5. Improves Blood Circulation 

High blood pressure can take a toll on your body’s overall blood circulation, and cause pain in your feet. 

With a good foot massage, you can boost your blood circulation, which not only keeps your muscles and tissues healthy, but also your high blood pressure in check. 

Final Thoughts: 

If you suffer from high blood pressure, buying a foot massager is perhaps one of the best investments you can make to get relief from your ailment. 

Foot massagers can be had in a wide range of styles and models, but it is important to buy a model that has the right amount of massage modes, and offers several different types of massages to choose from.